Exhaust Gas Silencers

Marine industries:

We manufacture silencers for the marine industries that are absorptive, reactive or a combination of both. Because the surrounding space in marine applications is often volatile, a silencer can be fitted with a spark arrestor approved by classification societies. It sections off sparks from the flow using centrifugal force and prevents the sparks from travelling further.

The challenge in maritime industries is the small space available for a silencer. Our silencers are always designed in such a way that their size and noise requirements combine to create the best possible combination.

Whenever necessary, we can check the welding on the product using NDT methods. We can also acquire classification societies’ approval for the products we supply and perform leak tests. Normally, the noise attenuation achieved with our silencers in marine industries is 25, 35 or 45 dB (A).

Power plants:

The most common solution in power plants is a hybrid silencer that includes a reactive part, an absorption part and, if necessary, a spark arrestor.

The priority in power plants is to achieve the required noise attenuation. Usually, our consulting engineer designs the solution together with the customer. It is important for customers to remember that they are never alone, because we are here to help them solve the challenges presented by the environment or whatever other restrictions may apply. We always solve the problem according to the specific requirements of the project.

The silencers can be checked using NDT methods.  Normally, the noise attenuation achieved with our silencers is 35 or 45 dB (A). We also manufacture air intake silencers.

Gas turbines:

We manufacture absorptive baffle silencers designed for small gas turbines. We can also equip your gas turbine with an air intake filter and noise attenuation unit.

Exhaust Gas Silencer