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The right method and the right material - quality products manufactured at competitive prices require effective manufacturing services

The purpose of the manufacturing services and advice provided by the experts at JTK Power Group is to find the best possible solution for manufacturing customers’ products. Effective processes and the company’s experience over almost 3...

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JTK Power Group is developing its industrial services – the result: globally competitive prices

JTK Power Group also intends to stay competitive in the future. In developing its manufacturing processes, JTK Power utilises the opportunities brought by the latest automation and their top-grade know-how of the sector


JTK Power Group will continue to meet customer needs in the future

In a fast-changing world, different forces and trends affect people and businesses across all industries. Companies are required to adapt to changes and keep the finger on the pulse of development in order to stay competitive. JTK Powe...

We specialise in manufacturing demanding steel solutions for the world’s leading companies in the marine and mining industries, the logistics sector and power plants.

Our expertise is based on our long experience, mastery in handling special materials and thorough knowledge of our products’ operating conditions.

Every product we design solves a problem for our customer. These solutions are important components in demanding systems that must work well even in extreme conditions.