Exhaust Gas Module

An exhaust gas module (EGM) is a unit comprised of an exhaust and intake system which we deliver to the power plant as a modular package in a shipping container. The pieces fit together with precise dimensional accuracy, and the module can be easily assembled on site following the assembly instructions.

We manufacture the products for the EGM, treat their surfaces as appropriate and measure them at the factory before sending the module to the customer. We pay special attention to the packing and protection of the products during transport: each product has a designated place inside the shipping container to ensure that it arrives intact and unharmed, even after a long journey and storage.

We manufacture exhaust gas modules for diesel and gas engines. We always select the appropriate module based on the size of the engine. In EGM manufacture, it is particularly important that the pieces are true to size, because a difference of just a few millimetres could mean that the joints do not fit together. Surface treatment is also an important part of the manufacturing process, as the thickness and corrosion protection of the paint are essential for the product’s durability.

Because an EGM is comprised of several individual parts, its manufacture requires excellent project management. We have been producing EGMs for more than 10 years and, in that time, have eliminated every unnecessary stage from the manufacturing process. We are constantly looking for ways to make the modules more efficiently and cleverly so that the resulting product will be durable and economical for the customer. We manufacture the products according to the customer’s drawings and observe any non-disclosure agreements made.