JTK Power Estonia specialises in manufacturing demanding steel structures. We make products for the mining, paper, forest, energy and marine industries, power plants and the logistics and transport sector, which is why our products have to be extremely durable.

Our customers are leading international companies that we been working with for decades. We often become a partner to our customers right from the design phase, in order to help them find the smartest and most cost-effective method for manufacturing their product. Our manufacturing processes include, for example, welding, cutting, machining, surface treatment and mechanical assembly. We manufacture your pieces exactly to your specifications, observing the relevant quality certificates.

We are part of JTK Power Group, which guarantees our ability to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for broad-ranging systems. JTK Power Group is known worldwide for the best technology know-how in its field, its 100% delivery reliability and the dimensional accuracy of its products. By combining our customers’ needs with our technical know-how, we create products of the highest quality in terms of working characteristics.

 JTK Power Finmec Estonia AS – Safe and Silent Solutions

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JTK Power invests in a new submerged arc welding tower  

JTK Power has acquired a new submerged arc welding (SAW) tower. The investment is set to guarantee the even quality and delivery reliability of the company’s products for the upcoming years.


JTK Power’s massive civil defense shelter doors secure 3000 people in a state of emergency

Kivisydän is an underground parking garage in Oulu, Finland. Situated 25 meters underground, the garage also serves as a civil defense shelter for 3000 people. The doors are manufactured in Finland by JTK Power.

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A busy end to 2023: growing demand for JTK Power’s silencer solution