Results of the customer satisfaction survey conducted last year confirm the operations of JTK Power Group have been successful. This applies to products and services as well as customer support and delivery reliability. Altogether, the operations received a rating of 8.7 on a scale of 1-10.


JTK Power Group specialises in developing and manufacturing demanding steel solutions for the world’s leading companies in the marine and mining industries, the logistics sector and power plants. Through operations in three locations, each with their own specialization, the company can offer comprehensive solutions designed to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

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JTK Power is improving its machining workshop by adding two cooperation robots made by Universal Robots. Known as Cobots, these robots will boost the efficiency of JTK Power’s valve line production and diversify it.

Mikka Ylikangas jtkpower

JTK Power Group has chosen Miikka Ylikangas as its Chief Financial Officer. He started his new job on the 15th of June 2020.


JTK Power is set to start an R&D project for new silencer technology. The project’s cost estimate is more than a million euros, and Business Finland has awarded a significant amount of funding for it. A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy, an engineering company offering expert services, will be working in close cooperation with JTK Power on the project.


JTK Power’s website for air raid shelter equipment has been launched.

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