Archipelago Buffet Aurora Botnia 1030x686

JTK Powerin toimihenkilöt viettivät toimihenkilöpäivää Wasalinen Aurora Botnialla risteillen Vaasasta Uumajaan.

JTK Power Wasaline 1.

Wasaline's Aurora Botnia began operating between Vaasa and Umeå in August 2021. The construction and operation of Aurora Botnia have considered the challenges associated with the green transition. The ship uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its fuel, which significantly reduces sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional oil-burning engines. Biogas can also be used as fuel.


Safe and Silent Solutions – for the employees too! JTK Power has renovated their office spaces in Vöyri to make working easy for their employees

Factory China

Handy Hu, Managing Director of JTK Power Suzhou Co., joined JTK Power Group in 2012 and has had a key role in the company’s development in China since day one. JTK Power Suzhou continuously receives high ratings from their customers due to the fast response, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality products. 

Valmet kuva

Valmet Technologies Oy develops and supplies process technology, automation solutions and services mainly to the pulp, paper and energy industries. In addition, Valmet offers solutions for the mining, chemical, food, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and industrial laundry service providers. In 2020, Valmet’s turnover was EUR 1.8 billion and it employed more than 4,000 people.

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