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JTK Power has acquired a new submerged arc welding (SAW) tower. The investment is set to guarantee the even quality and delivery reliability of the company’s products for the upcoming years.


Kivisydän is an underground parking garage in Oulu, Finland. Situated 25 meters underground, the garage also serves as a civil defense shelter for 3000 people. The doors are manufactured in Finland by JTK Power.

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JTK Power participates in Save the Children Finland’s Christmas fundraiser this year. The company has made donations for four consecutive Christmases. At JTK, there is a sense of obligation to help and support those in a less fortunate position in society, especially children.

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JTK Powerin toimihenkilöt viettivät toimihenkilöpäivää Wasalinen Aurora Botnialla risteillen Vaasasta Uumajaan.

JTK Power Wasaline 1.

Wasaline's Aurora Botnia began operating between Vaasa and Umeå in August 2021. The construction and operation of Aurora Botnia have considered the challenges associated with the green transition. The ship uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its fuel, which significantly reduces sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional oil-burning engines. Biogas can also be used as fuel.

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